Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school

Oh my god. Wow. She's just getting to be such a big girl. There were no tears (though a little bit of the whine as we got her up this morning), just sweet hugs and kisses goodbye. We walked into the school and she saw a friend from her pre-k and they ran up to each other and started jumping around excitedly, then we went on to her classroom (because today's the only day we are allowed to take her all the way into the classroom) where she said hello Mrs. Carter to the wrong person. Mrs. Carter came in behind her and helped her put her backpack into her cubby, which she has to share with another student and frankly I don't see how two backpacks and lunch boxes are ever going to fit in there. Then she announced that she was going to the drawing table to "work on her letters." Oh. My. God. And that's exactly what she did.

So me and T end up just standing around, feeling abandoned, and yet very glad she's so excited to start school. We were out of there by 7:30am.

Course this is all pretty normal for Z. She's always excited about something new, and is eager to experience it. In a couple of weeks, she'll probably start exhibiting more clingy behavior at drop off, which T will have to deal with (poor guy, it's going to break his heart). It always takes a few weeks for reality to set in. In this case, I think reality will be, "wow, we have to do so much work!"

I'm really glad that she already knows and is friends with some of the kids in her class. She's good friends with two boys in particular, and will probably get into some trouble with at least one of them.

After writing down the letters A-F, she took the piece of paper and shoved it into the teacher's face. Wow. I hope Mrs. Carter can deal effectively with Z's enthusiasm. You know, I'm excited about her learning, and the free school, and that she's a healthy and happy, extremely well-adjusted kid. But I'm nervous about her behavior in school. Will she listen to the teacher (she has listening issues)? Will her enthusiasm and energy be hard to contain and get her in trouble? Will her daddy get her to school on time? Will she ever learn how to navigate that large building? Will the Stepping Stone school bus ever forget her?



OpenID mapelba said...

I'm so impressed she just went with the whole first day of school thing. She is awesome. I'm sure she'll be fine. They'll both be fine. Right? RIGHT!?

11:08 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Yeah for Zoey! How did you do the first week Mari? Kelly

7:46 AM  

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