Friday, April 21, 2006

Hail YES!

As you can imagine, we're suffering through a pretty heavy dose of schadenfruede here in Austin due to three hailstorms in the past two weeks. Yes, that's right, three. After the first one, Trey came home from his miserable trip to the midwest to see what he could eke out. He booked a couple of cars, and then Boom! Tuesday's hail storm in the suburbs north of Austin. He wasn't even finished doing his happy hail dance/overwhelmed freak out when we got hit again on Thursday--this time literally in our own backyard. I couldn't even wait for the rain to stop before I ran outside and grabbed a few souvenirs (though I did wait for the hail to stop). It didn't hail hard here, but the ones that did come down were pretty big.

So who knows. No me.