Friday, August 03, 2007


Z's just discovered the word, and so now has a few. No, it's not her best friend Aidan, nor the adorable, tow-headed Sam, who would love to be considered as such. He's the cutie who, just about everyday upon Z's arrival at school, runs up to her with a huge grin on his excited face. "Zoey are you my, my, my friend today?" he asks.

"No," she replies. But then eventually relents and runs off to play with him.

The other morning, I dropped her off at the school playground; Sam runs up with his usual expectant face, looks up at her and again asks his question. Again, she replies, "No." Sam turns around, sits down at the edge of the deck, and buries his face in his hands. He is despondent. He looks around at her again (there are no tears) when he hears me chastise her for being mean to him.

"She'll play with you in a little bit, Sam," I tell him.

"No, I won't," Zoey says.

Sam then falls down onto the deck, almost writhing in, I think, feigned agony. Still no tears, just drama. It's too cute, so I have to share this with their teacher. She comes over and comforts Sam, telling her also that she'll play with him, she's just not ready yet. And she's not, but about 10 seconds later she hands him a leaf, he takes it, and they run off together.

But he is not her boyfriend. No, her boyfriend is Tyrone. He's a moose, a cartoon moose from "The Backyardigans." Oh, and also Austen, a kangaroo. She'll tell anyone that they are her boyfriends, including the sacker at HEB. She had asked him if the cashier was his girlfriend, to which he snorted, laughed and said, "no, she's just my friend."

I'm still wondering where she picked up this boyfriend business.