Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gosh, I feel kind of bad about the lack of recent posts. For some reason, I've been busy this month--doing what I just don't know. Everything and nothing. I still have some xmas shopping to do, but since Zoey's taken to the couch with a cold (though really, right now she's feeling fine, if listening to her shout in spanish along with Diego is any clue) I'm kind of stuck here at home. Oh well. I really need to go grocery shopping as well. I'm hopeful we can get out at least a little bit later on today.

I'm getting excited about Christmas, as this is the first year Z is really excited about it. She can't wait for Christmas morning, can't wait to get presents, couldn't wait to put the tree up, and is still waiting for me to decorate the outside of the house. She told us what she wanted this year: a princess bicycle (got it) and a Dora Talking Kitchen (didn't get it, got a nice wooden one instead, one that doesn't talk). Hopefully, she will forgive me for being so selfish as to refuse to buy her the Dora kitchen, but really, in our house Dora talks enough. Even though Z doesn't really watch that much Dora anymore, she's absolutely obsessed with the toys. We have the Dora talking house, which was a super-expensive reward for pooping in the potty, the talking Vamanos Van, the talking swimming pool, the talking greenhouse, and a couple of talking dolls. I'm tired of hearing Dora talk. She talks too much.

So instead, she gets a nice, sturdy wooden stove that I'm sure she'll play with constantly, as pretend cooking is currently one of her favorite activities. I'm such a bad mommy!

Her other fav thing right now is to play band. I'm fortunate to have been invited to sing some songs with de Schmog on Dec. 30 for their reunion show, as Diane can't make it due to her recent mommyhood (and maybe New Town Drunks has a gig NYE? Maybe?). Much congratulations to her and Roberto. So, as you can imagine, I've been listening to de Schmog constantly, which means Zoey has been listening to de Schmog. And she loves it. She remembers Kilian, and knows that it's Kilian's band. But she's only heard Diane sing. Even so, she now loves Diane, and is fascinated by her voice. So much so, that she sometimes makes me shut up so she can hear Diane singing. I have to ask her permission. There's something inherently disheartening about having your own child, who's grown up listening to your singing and according to all the baby books will LOVE your singing no matter what you really sound like (and hey, I actually can sing, unlike hundreds, nay thousands of singing mommies out there), tell you to stop singing. But what can I say, she loves Diane. Last time we played band, Diane "came over" and sang with us. So did Kilian. And Z and I played instruments. It was fun. Then Z got to sing her current favorite song, "John Hinkley." Yay band game!

Oh, and Kilian drew this neat poster: