Monday, February 27, 2006

Been Awhile....

So, I thought I'd start out with some must see ZoeyTV. It's called "Tomorrow," and, well, you're just going to have to click on the picture to see why. (If you are a Mac user, here's the quick time link.) Then I'd follow up with a dry, itemized list of what all we've been up to these last few months.

The holidays were good. We actually got to spend a leisurely Christmas morning with just the three of us in Austin. In the afternoon, we went to our friends Steph and Paul to have Christmas dinner. Zoey likes presents.

We moved out of our little aptartment into a much bigger house in far northwest Austin. I looked for two months for a suitable house closer in town, but never came across something that would work. They were either in bad shape, or they were too much money, or they didn't want cats. So, as we were closing in on our move-out day, I expanded my search and found a nice little 3/2 that backs up to a big park. It hadn't been updated, so it was under $1000, and was absolutely filthy when I looked at it, but I really like the layout and the quiet neighborhood. Of course, once I put in our application, a nice lady with a cute 2/1 in Crestview called to offer me her house (she had been iffy about the cats). Oh well. I'ts for the best, because even though it's not the neighborhood I wanted, it's a neighborhood I like, and it's bigger and has a dishwasher. So there. For the record, we are still in Austin's Travis County (but just barely). I'll send a separate email out with the new address. Eventually.

Zoey just had her third birthday. Hard to believe. She can do so much now, but you know it's really hard to tell how far she's come unless you are able to look back at where she was a year ago, because the change is so gradual, and you get a little lost in the daily dramas to notice. I just spent a few minutes looking at video from her second birthday and was amazed at how well she talked then, and how far she's come.

Potty training sucks! We started cold turkey yesterday, and even though I know she knows what to do and basically when to do it, she resisted the whole day. What a long, messy day. Today she has school, and hopefully her teacher will have more luck. I'm afraid to call and check up on her. I want to. I should. But I haven't yet.