Saturday, September 30, 2006

Zoey's taken to dressing herself these days, with mixed results. Sometimes the outfits are, hmmm, not really frightening per se, at least not these examples, but she does seem a little challenged when it comes to coordination.

But we've been working on it. And sometimes she manages to choose things that match.

Initially, we had some issues with her insisting on wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts (she's especially fond of the blue long-sleeved tee in one of the above pics, as well as her "snow" pants, which are the long leggings). But since September weather has been so freaking nice this year, the long sleeves and pants haven't really been a problem. And she's really gotten better and coordinating her outfits. Though, honestly, it's a little amusing to take her out in some confusing mishmash of an outfit to watch the curious stares of other people. I don't have enough amusement in my life--I have to use my child. Oh well.

Oh, and the first two pictures are from the same day. She likes to change her clothes. A lot.

She does love dressing herself, though, as she's on a "I can do it myself" phase. I'm not complaining. It's nice, sometimes. The other night, Trey and I took her bowling for the first time, and she insisted on bowling the ball herself. She'd carry her pink 8 lb ball to the line, put in on the floor between her legs and gently roll it forward. This worked, somewhat with the 8 lb ball, but it would take about 5 minutes for the ball to roll to the pins. Then the manager of the bowling alley got her a 6 lb ball, but it just didn't have enough weight to make it down to the end of the lane, and after about 5 frames of us having to get one of the employees to fetch the stalled ball, we switched back to the 8 lb ball. As she was still very determined to do it herself, we came up with a little illusion to play out for her. She would carry the ball to the line, and roll it down, but just as she pushed, he or I would give the ball a sneaky little push--just an extra oomph--from behind. It was the only way we felt we could finish the games. She had a blast. It was fun for us too, as the alley had bumpers that would come up for Zoey and go down for us. The enchiladas from the cafe weren't too bad either.

She's also been working on basic spelling, reading and letter recognition. With great pride I report that she can spell CAT and STOP (and CAT can be spelled using sign language as well!) and a small number of other words. She can also figure out what letter most words start with, though I have to usually remind her to sound it out. Ahh, phonics.

Anyway, it's Saturday today, and we're going grocery shopping, then maybe to a park. We live exciting lives here. Trey managed to go see a band last night (ex-Silkworm Bottomless Pit). We had planned to drive to Houston to see them at Rudz together, but there was a slight fire-related incident next door to Trey's shop that kept us here. Oh well. I do have tickets to go see Broken Social Scene later in October. Woo hoo! A night out for mommy!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My spider

In response to Little Miss Messycovers post about her spider, here are a few pictures of the nocturnal spider that lives right outside my backdoor. Every night he comes out of his hiding place and builds a big web.

I don't know what kind of spider it is (it's not the same as Miss Messycover's spider). I had previously suspected it was a wolf spider, but she didn't think wolf spider's made webs, so who knows. She (the spider) also doesn't have a name yet. She does have a nice little spot for herself, though, as I see her eating some tastly little morsal almost every time I go take a look at her.

On edit: I'm pretty sure it's a garden orb spider. Still haven't named her.