Saturday, May 27, 2006


We're doing pretty well here in Austin these days. Trey's still very busy working, but he's busy working in Austin, which is great. Zoey loves having her daddy around. We actually put her in daycare five days a week for the month of May so I could be available to help him out with miscellaneous stuff, but we're dropping back to three this month because it's just not necessary. Besides, I really want those days during the week to spend with her doing stuff in town when it won't be weekend crowded.

Zoey and her beloved teacher, Miss A at the Violet Crown Festival at Brentwood park.

She loves her school, though, and really loves her teacher, Miss A. However, she's just been moved up to the next class, so she's getting a new teacher. She loves the new teacher as well, but honestly, Miss A will be hard to beat. She just truly loves her kids--she even spends her weekends going to their birthday parties and her kids just gather around her with stars in their eyes. Speaking of parties, Zoey's been to a few the past month, and she's had a blast. One was at this amazing place called Crowe's Nest Farm, with all kinds of animals to look at, peacocks running around free in full plumage, real live longhorns (as you might guess, longhorns are extremely popular with kids in Austin), even a milking barn where the birthday boy got to actually milk a cow. (And then we all got to see them do it the modern way, which was kind of gross. Has anyone used an electric breast pump? Imagine one that was megapowered....)The other party was at one of her classmates amazing backyard, which was extra cool because a lot of Zoey's classmates were there.

Donkeys and goats at the farm.

Zoey and birthday boy Nico.

Zoey has been making friends in town, and we've started doing some playdates with one of the boys in her class. I think he has a little crush on her. His mom is really cool, too.

During the round of severe spring storms that hit Austin, one power surge killed the hard drive in our old computer. And of course, I don't have a recent backup. My last full backup was done before we left Houston. Most of the stuff on there is still replacable, except for hundreds of pictures of Zoey I had taken since moving to Austin. I'm hoping I can take the hard drive in somewhere to recover them, because it's killing me.

I've updated the pictures on my smugmug photo site, though I only had pictures I'd taken that were still on the camera disks. See, now that I've actually had a real hard drive failure (first time ever), I can see the need to update the site on a regular basis, because I still have those pictures.

Okay, my resolution for June is to post more, even if it's just random stuff. Bethanyblog and dislextington just put me to shame.