Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More pictures are up

I put some recent pictures of Zoey up in a new gallery (Zoey 25-27 months). Go on over and take a look when you get a second.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

zoey video (SFW)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Zoey POD

Since Zoey does not know how to sit still and smile for the camera, I have to be creative to come up with ways to get her to look at me. In this instance, I asked her to show me her "terrible teeth," a la her currently 2nd favorite book, "Where the Wild Things Are." (Her current favorite is "Hop on Pop," and it displaced the Sendak book as #1.)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

It’s like I’ve been in a giant word void

Things have been pretty uneventful at the Pool household these days. Zoey’s doing fine, adjusting to the “terrible twos” in textbook style. Sometimes she gets so mad/frustrated she collapses on the floor and lays there moaning; sometimes she’s the picture of perfect charm and grace. My sweet little angel is now schizophrenic. She’s also a drama queen.

And she talks. Constantly. Here are a few sample conversations:

(Looking at a book) Zoey: That’s a red fish.
Me: Yes it is.
Z: That’s a red fish.
M: You’re right.
Z: That’s a red fish.
M: Yes.
Z: That’s a red fish.
M: Uh huh.
Z: That’s a red fish.
M: That’s a red fish.
Z: That’s a red fish.
M: Where’s the blue fish?
Z: There’s the blue fish.
M: Very good!
Z: That’s a red fish.

(Pointing up at Mr. Potato Head, who’s been banished to the top shelf because it scares her a little bit.) Z: Mr. Potamo Head got eyes.
M: He’s got two eyes.
Z: He got ears.
M: Yes, two ears.
Z: He got a mouth.
M: Yep.
Z: He got arm.
M: He sure does.
Z: (waving) Hi eyes!
M: Hello Mr. Potato Head eyes.
Z: Hi mouth!
M: Hi mouth.
Z: Hi ears!
M: Hi ears.
Z: Hi feet!
M: Hi feet. Do you want me to get Mr. Potato Head?
Z: (shakes her head vigorously) No!

I’m worried she’s getting sick again. I took her with me to check out this day care. It’s the same one she used to attend when I was still working. She seemed very comfortable there, and got busy right away playing with the toys. During snack time, the teachers gave her some nachos in a little paper bowl, and she sat at the table and joined in the eating. Since it was in a bowl and served with a spoon, she announced it was soup and proceeded to eat the cheese with the spoon. But since she loves chips, she soon started on those, eating them properly with her hands. It looks like she’ll be okay when she finally starts going (part time). However, the whole time, around all those other little toddlers, I’m thinking, “germs.” And now she’s got a little cough. I think it’s kennel cough.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Birthday party pics are up

You can take a look at more pics here.

Zoey had a blast at her birthday party, and she's still playing with all of her new toys. And I mean all of them. She also enjoyed all the attention. We finally got her saying "I'm two years old" on cue, though she has trouble with the finger positions. She tries to put two fingers up and ends up with what looks strikingly like the west si-eed gansta symbol. Between that and the skinhead dancing, I have to admit I'm a little worried about her future.

I didn't really take that many pictures, as I was busy playing hostess, so I'm going to take a few extra pictures of some of her gifts, like ote the toy food her granny got her for her toy shopping cart.